Our Neighbourhood Plan

Planning our future together !


Alvechurch: a community where managed change and celebration of its rural character go together



The Neighbourhood Plan-The Localism Act which received Royal Assent on 15th November 2011 introduced;

  • New rights and powers to allow local communities to shape the way they would like their villages and settlements to develop over the years to come.
  • Greater influence to local communities over what sort of developments take place in their Neighbourhood areas.
  • To achieve this a selected area has to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to develop a shared vision for the neighbourhood. Where there is a Parish Council that is the qualifying body for leading a Neighbourhood. Ours is Alvechurch Parish Council.

Alvechurch Parish Council along with community members resolved to begin the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan and formed a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to work with Bromsgrove District Council and all sections of the community.The designated Parish Plan area was formally agreed through consultataion by the local Authority on January 6th 2013.

The Steering Group has set out the aims and objectives of a Neighbourhood Plan from results received from local presentations which were given full support from all members of the community that attended.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Though not about Alvechurch specifically it explains what a Neighbourhood Plan is  all about and how we too as a community can achieve exactly these kind of results for our community……we think it is very enlightening, and better than a thousand words……..let us know your thoughts.

A Neighbourhood Plan finally gives the local community the ability to influence how planning in the area in which they live and work can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood
  • Choose where new homes and other developments should be built
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces
  • Influence what new buildings should look like
  • protect local assets
  • save energy
  • improve facilities
  • develop the parish area over the future years  in a way you would like to see it.

A Neighbourhood Plan offers people a powerful new opportunity to plan the future of their communities.

Neighbourhood Plan objectives can include the provision of new and diverse leisure andrecreational activities

Neighbourhood Plan objectives can include
the provision of new
and diverse leisure and recreational activities

Our shared vision for Alvechurch Parish

Our vision for the Parish for the next 15-20 years is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all sections of the community, ensuring that the Parish retains its rural character but maintains its strong links with all its small settlements and the adjoining parishes.

To achieve this vision we will protect the built, historical and natural environment ensuring that our green spaces and the Green Belt are protected as much as possible.

We will promote nature conservation and protect areas of special environmental value.

We will allow sustainable economic and social growth and development and will seek to enhance facilities for all local people in order that the community can take further advantage of a full social and active life style.

We will oppose large, major unsustainable housing developments within the Parish.

We will support developments of modest size that maintain and enhance our built environment and meet the aims of our vision for future generations.

To ensure that our Parish develops over the coming years we will support the local economy to expand by encouraging suitable business and employment opportunities to people of all ages.

We will constantly monitor transport, safety and service issues to ensure that Alvechurch parish is a safe place to live.

We will take forward the spirit of the Localism Bill in producing our Neighbourhood Plan embracing the concept of local distinctiveness that contributes to a sense of place and well-being for the community and future generations.