Why make a Neighbourhood Plan?

Why should we want a Neighbourhood Plan?

In the past planning has been handed down to communities by the Government and by the Council.  While certain aspects of planning will remain at a Council level we have an exciting opportunity to influence where development in our parish goes and what it should look like.

Why is it important?

The Government has made it clear that positive planning is essential to the planning process.  Where there is an absence of suitable plans there will be a presumption in favour of an application.  Producing this plan represents a unique opportunity to guide what development is and is not suitable for our area.

Why get involved?

In the past, most peoples’ involvement in the planning process has been reactive – commenting on planning applications that have been made or on plans that have already been devised.  This is your opportunity to be pro-active in the formulation of the policies upon which future planning applications may be judged.  In this way, together, along with advice from our Local Authority, we can build a framework and vision for the future that we want for Alvechurch Parish.

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