Story so far

The initial steering group, assembled by the parish Council has been increased in size by the addition of more Parish resident volunteers and a few Parish Councillors.These volunteers are now known as the Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, from now on called:

“The Steering Group”.

 The Steering Group is also receiving welcomed assistance and  advice from  Bromsgrove District Council’s Planning Officers.

If you would like to help or be involved in any way ( please use the “Getting Involved” page to do this). This is just the start in the process to making an Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan

We have identified the following topic areas to investigate and Topic Groups have been set up with the following role and purpose:

  • To research their area of interest
  • To scope out the evidence that is available
  • To identify any “gaps” in the evidence base and consider whether any further research needs to be undertaken or commissioned
  • To identify key players to engage in the plan making process
  • To highlight any existing issues within this area of interest
  • To understand the role of existing plans, strategies and programmes and their relationships to the neighbourhood planning process


Please remember we only have Green Belt land in our Parish left now and there will be a need some new housing in our parish at some time before 2030 so it has to be on some Green Belt land! Housing according to the new Planning Regulations has to be “Sustainable”.That means close to facilities, which will have to be able to cope with the extra population, and also be where the housing will have less of an impact on our local environment.

Something for everyone to think about ! Where are the best places these likely sites could be situated ? Look at a map of the parish and let us know prefered couple of options.

The role of the Housing Topic Group is to:

  • Understand the characteristics of the local housing market both in terms of the existing housing stock and the size and characteristics of existing households
  • Consider future housing requirements and housing needs, includingMorpeth Housing the provision of affordable housing
  • Working with Bromsgrove planning Officers to discuss how best to achieve those housing needs and requirements
  • Making sure suitable sustainable locations are considered for our future housing.

Local Economy

The role of the Local Economy Topic Group is to:cropped-bear-hill.jpg

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy
  • Consider potential “economic drivers” and consider future employment land requirements
  • Identify future employment sites and consider how these might be delivered
  • Consider the town centre, looking at retail development and visitor potential including both heritage and environmental attractions


The role of the Heritage Topic Group is to:

  • Establish the nature and extent of the heritage interest within the plan areaTunnel at Hopwood
  • How the need to protect the heritage interest will inform and influence future development, the built environment and public realm
  • And consider what measures might be needed to retain local character

Local Environment

The role of the Local Environment Topic Group is to:

  • Establish the nature and extent of natural environment interest of the Parish and surrounding villages
  • Consider how this should inform, influence and be enhanced by future development
  • And consider what measures may be needed to retain local character
  • It will also consider the connectivity and functioning of wildlife corridors and environmental enhancements to minimise flood risk.

Please volunteer to be a part of this community project.

Funding Awarded by Locality

We are fortunate in that we have been awarded a Grant by the Community Development Foundation, to assists us in progressing the plan , allowing us to employ a planning Consultant to steer us in the right direction.