The Alvechurch Parish  Neighbourhood Plan(NP) “MADE”

Neighbourhood Plan.
At a meeting of Full Council on 27 February 2019, Bromsgrove District Council decided to ‘make’ the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2030, which now forms part of the statutory development plan for determining planning applications in the neighbourhood area.
A copy of the Council’s decision statement can be viewed here: Regulation 19 Decision Statement
The ‘made’ neighbourhood plan approved by referendum can be viewed here: Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2030


The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

A referendum was held on the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 10th January 2019. The referendum question asked the following : Do you want Bromsgrove District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Alvechurch Parish to help it decide planning applications in the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Area?
A notice of the referendum result can be viewed here: Notice of Result

The result was that more than half of the votes posted were for Yes, and the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan will now be taken to the District Council’s Cabinet and Full Council meetings on February 27th  to recommend the neighbourhood plan is formally ‘made’.

A copy of both documents; the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan(NP) and the Alvechurch Parish Design Statement(PDS) that form the NP and that were submitted for referendum approval on the 10th January 2019, can be seen by clicking on these links below.

Alvechurch NP referendum version Nov 2018

Alvechurch Parish Design Statement-final-Nov 2018


Referendum on the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan for Alvechurch Parish

1. A referendum will be held on Thursday, 10 January 2019 to decide on the question below:

‘Do you want Bromsgrove District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Alvechurch Parish to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

2. New applications for, or amendments or cancellations of postal votes and
amendments or cancellations of existing proxy votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Parkside, Market Street,Bromsgrove,Worcs,B61 8DA, by 5 pm on Thursday, 20 December 2018

3. New applications to vote by proxy at this referendum must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the above address by 5 pm on Wednesday, 2 January 2019.

4. Applications to vote by proxy at this referendum applied for on grounds of physical incapacity, or because of work reason that occurred after 5 pm on Wednesday, 2 January 2019 must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Parkside, Market Street, Bromsgrove, Worcs., B61 8DA by 5 pm on Thursday, 10 January 2019.

Dated: Friday 30 November 2018
Counting Officer
Kevin Dicks

Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan

Examiner’s Report, Decision Statement and Referendum

Following the independent examination of the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the examiner’s report was received by Bromsgrove District Council and Alvechurch Parish Council on the 7th November 2018. A modified version of the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan will now proceed to referendum.

Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Referendum Information Statement

In addition to the Information Statement, the specified documents for the referendum period, in line with Regulation 4 of the Neighbourhood Planning (Referendum) Regulations 2012 and Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), can be viewed below:

Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Examiner’s Report 7 November 2018

Bromsgrove District Council ‘Regulation 18’ Decision Statement

ALVECHURCH PARISH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN, as modified (appendices available on request)


Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Summary of Regulation 16 Representations

General Planning Information Statement

An independent examiner, Mr Robert Yuille, was appointed at the beginning of September 2018 to undertake an examination of the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan. Correspondence for the examination period can be viewed below:

Independent Examiner’s Letter – Procedural Matters and Questions – 14 September 2018

Bromsgrove District Council response to Procedural Matters and Questions letter

Alvechurch Parish Council response to Procedural Matters and Questions letter

Regulation 16 Responses

Following submission to the District Council earlier in 2018, the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan (APNP) was subject to a representation period from 28th June – 10th August 2018. A total of 17 representations were received by the District Council, each of which is available to view at the link below:

View Regulation 16 Representation Responses on the Bromsgrove website here



Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan
Regulation 16 Representation Period:

Letter with questions from the Independent Examiner received 14-9-2018

Independent Examiner’s letter- Procedural Matters and questions -14th september 2018 Alvechurch (2) 14-9-2018

Alvechurch Parish Council response to Procedural Matters and Questions letter

Bromsgrove District Council response to Procedural Matters and Questions letter

This information has also been published on the Bromsgrove District Council’s web site. This can be accessed from this link;     BDC Web site for Alvechurch NP

28th June – 10th August 2018

Following submission to Bromsgrove District Council earlier in 2018, the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan (APNP) was subject to a ‘regulation 16’ representation period from 28th June – 10th August 2018.  A total of 17 representations were received, each of which is available to view on the District Council’s website at http://www.bromsgrove.gov.uk/alvechurchnp

The Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan (APNP) was submitted to Bromsgrove District Council and the District Council is satisfied the Neighbourhood Plan is in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). The plan is therefore being publicised and representations are invited during the above six week period as part of the Council’s obligations under Regulation 16 of the above regulations.

The following documents have been submitted by Alvechurch Parish Council (the ‘qualifying body’) to Bromsgrove District Council:
Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2011-30
Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation Statement
Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Basic Conditions Statement
Sustainability Appraisal of the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan
Alvechurch Parish Design Statement


The letter announcing this consultation can be seen by BDC 6 week Consultation letter-Reg 16 Cover Page

October 5th to November 17th 2017

Pre-Submission Consultation


Alvechurch Parish Council, via its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, has drafted a number of documents which will soon be submitted formally to Bromsgrove District Council. The Plan and associated documents have currently been  through a final 6 week period of public consultation prior to that submission. All local residents and businesses have had the opportunity to comment on the draft NP and its associated documents during that stage, as were many landowners, prospective developers, statutory consultees and many local organisations within the Parish. All pre-submission  documents can be viewed here, or downloaded. The consultation  finished on Friday 17th November. Comments received are being considered by the Steering Group, and the Draft Neighbourhood Plan document is being amended where necessary .When all comments have been addressed a table of those comments and responses will be posted on this website in the near future following Local Authority comments being received and amended if necessary.

Any questions should be referred to the Parish Council as soon as possible. Tel: 0121 447 8016 or email: clerk@alvechurch.gov.uk

The Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (on behalf of the Parish Council as the qualifying body) is now amending the draft Neighbourhood Plan for the period to 2030. The Plan covers the designated area of Alvechurch Parish. We have asked for your views throughout the project and your feedback has shaped the policies and community projects in the Plan.


Some of the Steering Group Members  in the ‘Redditch Standard article

The final 6-week public consultation ran  from October 5th to November 17th 2017 and started with a 3-day drop-in event at Alvechurch Baptist Church….
Thursday 5th October 2-8pm
Friday 6th October 3-8pm
Saturday 7th October 10am-4pm

Followed by……

Rowney Green Village Hall

Friday 27th October 5pm -9.30pm…..drop in session

Rowney Green Village Hall consultation

Hopwood…..Community Centre28th October 4pm – 8pm …..One day Drop in session

Copies of all Plan documents were on display and Councillors were there  to answer your questions.
The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed at the Parish office, Alvechurch Library and The Lounge café. It can also be viewed online at http://www.alvechurch.gov.uk/ and https://alvechurchparishplan.org/.

Hard copies can be obtained at a nominal charge

The Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Documents








NP final consultation letter residents Sept 2017 FINAL

See some of the maps here, that’s included in the Neighbourhood Plan Draft document and the Evidence Base Summary document (still being added to).

Cycle Routes

Bus Stops

11A. Hopwood-Rowney green spaces 22-09-17

10A. Alvechurch Parish Views 06-12-17

11. Alvechurch green spaces 22-09-17

10. Alvechurch landscape protection 22-09-17

9B. Proposal map Parish Settlement boundaries

9A. Hopwood-Rowney village envelopes 22-09-17

9. Alvechurch Village Area 22-09-17

7. Business Activity 22-09-17

6. Alvechurch Community facilities 06-09-17

2. Sustainable modes of transport 06-09-17

1. Transit Network 06-09-17

Residents Comments Form and NP responses

pdfs of comments

Statutory  Consultees  and other Agency Comments

 APNP – Cawdor. Hopwood Island N0.80

17.11.17 GVA on behalf of Wimpey

Cerda Planning Old Brickworks site-REPS

Hartnells- Grinnell Land SW of Callow Hill Rd

Highways England

Historic England

Natural England Response-APNP 227204

Environment Agency response

NHS response-R&BCCCg Ruth Lemiech14.11.17

RPS Planning and Development- East of Callow Hill Road Representation 10.11

RPS Planning and Development- East of Callow Hill Road Representation-Diags 10.11

SIMON HAWLEY-BARRETTS Ltr to Alvechurch Parish Council SH 10.11.17

SIMON HAWLEY Vision Statment – St Laurence View

Strategic Advice Planning Solutions-APNP RESPONSE

Canal & River Trust Response

WCC- Draft response Alvechurch Pre-submission

Corbally Group-Bordesley Hall


The video on  next page explains NP’s in more detail       

click here 

There is also a useful video that advises how to go about making a Neighbourhood Plan ,from an Examiners point of view on the FAQs  page click

CLICK here…………


click here    

The Vision for Alvechurch

“Alvechurch 2030- where managed change and celebration of its rural character combine in a community better by design”


 booklet 1booklet 2








booklet 3


These three pictures are the first three pages of a community Booklet soon to be delivered to our parish residents. This will give an update on the NP process ,explaining how things are going. There is also an opportunity to comment on the NP so far so that the Steering group can take on board any amendments or ideas that you may want to pass on to us . By returning your comments there will be an opportunity to be entered into a draw for 5 cash prizes .

You can get a more easy to read version of the whole booklet by clicking on this link below

APNP A4 BOOKLET desktop updated version 30-08-16


Poster for What about HousingWe are entering  into a new era for planning. The Government is placing a renewed emphasis on planning at the very local level because it believes that local people know best what local needs are and how they can influence and shape the future of their area.

This local knowledge, and our local sense of what needs to be protected and what needs to change, can really make a difference and our whole community should play a part in deciding on the process.


At Steering Group led community presentations

One resident said, “We don’t need any more large housing estates, just small homes suitable for young people and some for our ageing population”.

Unfortunately we can’t ignore the fact that some new housing will always be needed  for  in the future. However in Alvechurch our last allocated development site indicated in the Bromsgrove District Council (BDC) district plan, has now been built on and completed in 2016, now we  only have Green Belt land left in Alvechurch Parish. Therefore new housing  needed  for  those years to come, as instructed by Government, will have to be on land released through a Local Authority (LA)  Green Belt review.

The Neighbourhood Plan thinks our community should have a say if and when that time comes.

You can get more information about the Green Belt by visiting this link below : 

click here:     THE GREEN BELT

What does the Neighbourhood Plan do?

Sometimes called a Neighbourhood Development Plan it can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for our Parish and its different parts.
  • Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built, and influence what infrastructure should be allocated to it.
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.

Neighbourhood Plans are optional. There is no legal requirement for our community to prepare such a Plan. However without one we rely solely on the Local Planning Authority development plan and its policies.

What is the role of Bromsgrove District Council as the local planning authority?

Bromsgrove DC is required to give support, assistance and advice but it cannot control the Neighbourhood Plan preparation process. Nor can it produce a Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of our local community. It is the responsibility of Alvechurch Parish Council to lead the preparation of the community Neighbourhood Plan.

Bromsgrove as the local planning authority will also be required to check our proposed Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that it generally conforms to the strategic elements of its own Local Plan and once happy that it has been prepared correctly, it will arrange for an independent examination.

If our Neighbourhood Plan passes the examination, Bromsgrove Council will be responsible for arranging a local referendum on the Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan. The costs incurred by the examination and the referendum will be paid for by Bromsgrove Council.

If it is approved by a simple majority of the public it will then have achieved legal status and must be used as the first step within the Local Planning Development Framework.

So you  see the need for total community involvement to prepare such a Neighbourhood Plan

What a Neighbourhood Plan can and cannot do

A Neighbourhood Plan can…

  •  Decide where and what type of development should happen in the neighbourhood.
  • Promote more development than is set out in the Local Plan.
  • Include policies, for example, those relating to design standards, which will then take precedence over existing policies in the Local Plan. This is provided the Neighbourhood Plan policies do not conflict with the strategic policies in the Bromsgrove Local Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot…

  • Conflict with the strategic policies in the Local Plan prepared by Bromsgrove Council as the local planning authority.
  • Be used to prevent development that is included in the Local Plan.
  • Be prepared by a body other than a parish or town council or a neighbourhood forum.

What can a Neighbourhood Plan contain?

So long as our Neighbourhood Plan complies with the above principles, it can be as narrow or as broad as we wish. But it must be primarily about the use and development of land and buildings.  It can also have a say in how buildings should look (their ‘design’), or the materials they are constructed from.

  • The development of housing, including affordable housing (affordable housing is housing that is not normally for sale on the open market), and bringing vacant or derelict housing back into use
  • Provision for businesses to set up or expand their premises.
  • Transport and access (including issues around roads, cycling, walking and access for disabled people).
  • The development of schools, places of worship, health facilities, leisure and entertainment facilities, community and youth centres   and village halls.
  • The restriction of certain types of development and change of use, for example to avoid too much of one type of use.
  • The design of buildings.
  • Protection and creation of open space, nature reserves, allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and gardens, and the planting of trees.
  •  Protection of important buildings and historic assets such as archaeological remains, a pub ,a shop, or even a  Post Office!
  • Promotion of renewable energy projects, such as solar energy and wind turbines, forests.

We hope you agree with us that we need a Neighbourhood Plan for our area. Preparing a plan will require a lot of time and effort. Although how much time it will take will vary depending on the issues our community want to cover. It may take between 1 and 2 years so we will need the help of people with a wide range of views and skills enabling us all to reach a broad consensus on objectives, key issues and desired outcomes.

The ultimate result should be very rewarding and our Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan should help our community come together, be stronger and more united for having gone through the process.

The process is seen as a positive force for change giving us more control over what happens in our neighbourhood.

Involving our Alvechurch Community

 We will involve people using methods like:

• Meetings, events, road shows.

• Leaflets and posters;

• Workshops and questionnaires;

• Website, email groups and social media (e.g. Face-book, twitter);

• Notices in parish magazines or local newsletters; and

• The local press and radio stations.

In developing our Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan we need to ensure a two-way flow of information, backwards and forwards between the steering group and the wider community.


This note has been compiled by the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which has been set up by Alvechurch Parish Council. It is based on the publication “How to shape where you live: a guide to neighbourhood planning”, produced by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and the National Association of Local Councils

Bromsgrove District Council approved the designation of the parish of Alvechurch as a neighbourhood area in January 2013. This was in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The qualifying body was Alvechurch Parish Council.

Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan Area Map
Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan Application – 24.09.2012
Alvechurch Parish Designation Letter – 23.01.2013
Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan website (External website)

SEA and HRA Screening Assessment

A screening assessment was undertaken in September 2015 to check if the emerging draft Neighbourhood Plan required a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or a Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). The three statutory consultees were consulted (Environment Agency, Historic England, and Natural England). The SEA and HRA screening assessment and the consultee responses can be viewed here:





“We can effect change, or we can be affected by change…The choice is ours” Your  help is essential in the making of the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood plan

Supported by funding from the Community Development Foundation





4 Responses to Welcome

  1. John Ball says:

    Your printed update for residents received today says there are 6 proposed draft policies for the Housing topic. Will these be published on your website?

    • Hi John,
      at the moment the policies are only draft policies and need to be health checked before publishing into the website as policies are evolving as the Neighbourhood Plan progresses. It is proposed that when all policies are formulated these will be shown in a pre-referendum public consultation with a six week period following for anyone to respond.

      Kind regards
      Adrian Smith
      chair APNP steering group

  2. Mark foley says:

    With regards to the plan I am a resident on swan st and would comment on 2 aspects. There is a suggestion of reducing speed limits through the village to 20 mph – I fully support this but a limit will only have a positive impact if enforced and I think it is time to consider having speed cameras at both sides of the village. Cars accelerate from the swan pinch point to well in excess of 30 mph. Has dual parking up Swan st been considered with restricted resident permits and no lines in the road to force drivers to slow down? My second point is about social responsibility. The residents of swan st wrote to the pub freeholders to complain about excessive noise after closing time. This is still a problem with people drinking on the front steps of the pub – could the alcohol exclusion zone include the front of pubs and also be enforced?

    • Thank you Mark, these are issues for the Parish Council to pass on the Bromsgrove District Council re, Noise nuisance and to Worcestershire County Council(WCC) in respect of enforcing a 20MPH limit if the Neighbourhood Plan is successful in convincing WCC Highways Department (who are the legislative department that deals with county highways) that we need 20MPH zones, and its they who should cooperate with police in enforcing speed limits.

      Hope this answers your question, as the Neighbourhood Plan(NP) at the moment can only suggest these things , its if the NP is supported by our community by voting yes for it at a referendum that it will have then a legal status.

      Kind regards
      Adrian Smith Chair APNP.

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